Kyoto Station 2021

A photo taken soon after I got my α7SIII. At the time, it was the second year under Covid-19. Although the flow of people was returning, the scene was somewhat quiet. I framed on Kyoto Station with a wide-angle lens.



Series of portraits. Includes full band and solo profile photos of instrumental bands.

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Perspective 01

A series of perspectives. One of my most photographed categories. Finding stillness in everyday scenes.

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Perspective 02

A series that specializes in various places with the AR work "CHIHAYABURU". New York Times Square, Kyoto Tango TABLE, Shibuya Parco, etc.

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Nature Series. Photographs of beautiful nature scenes that capture more of the imagination than meets the eye.

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Art & Object

Art and Objects Series. The series captures the power of the emotions felt when looking at art and objects in our daily life.

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A series of architectural objects. I like geometric architecture. The architecture that makes me want to take pictures of both the exterior and the interior will cause me to take many shutter clicks.

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A series of monochrome. It is difficult to express monochrome. Even the same scene gives a completely different impression. I often use black-and-white sensuously, and I find the answer to this question as I take photographs.

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Snap, Others

A series of snapshots. It's a good day when you suddenly realize what kind of perspective or object you can cut out of the mundane everyday life to create fun and surprise, and when you have a camera in your hand at the moment you suddenly realize it.

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